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02 March 2008 @ 11:26 am
Round 2 - Iconathon  
Wow, look at that. It's March already :) And as I said in the sign-up post, we'll start at the beginning of March, so that's what we'll do!
I will post the first challenge tomorrow (Monday), so we get into the schedule right away. The voting about which contest style we'll do this round was very obvious, so an Iconathon it is!
I will write up all the rules and how it works, and if we can get a few more members until the first voting starts, that would be PERFECT :)

Iconathon Info

Iconathons are much like LIMS, but instead of icon makers being eliminated they will be able to gain points for icons. There might also be bonus challenges which you can, but don't have to enter. Voting will be via comments, which will be unscreened later, giving reasons is optional.

01 Before you enter a challenge, please make sure you signed up for that specific season. This is neccessary so we can keep track of all participants and their points.

02 Every icon will get as many points as it got votes. This way, every vote actually counts and voting will be fair.

03 Icons have to be created specifically for this challenge. The icon has to comply with all LJ standards. It cannot be published anywhere else before the winners have been announced. For every challenge you may submit one icon unless otherwise stated.

04 You may not vote for yourself (which would be very obvious for everyone) or ask others to vote for you.

05 You will get 1 point by default for entering a challenge.

06 Because there is no real need for skips, but some participants have already pimped this comm and by that earned a second skip, we will instead give each of these participants 3 bonus points.

07 One round of iconathons will have 10 challenges.

We'll keep the old schedule:
Monday - new challenge
Wednesday - results
Saturday - voting

Please comment here if you have any questions!